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djrummer  - pronounced “drummer” is an interactive drumming DJ.   Using a custom made hi tech setup, he fills the void left in the DJ market - interactive performance.  Inspired by popular touring DJs in the world, djrummer takes DJing further than any current DJ.  Using projection mapping, LED lights and custom LED drumsticks - he makes music visual.   

As a club DJ: he’s been curating playlists for events for years.  His forte is reading a room and picking the songs that are guaranteed to work.

As a solo artist - he uses his custom drums to create sounds never been seen made by drums before.   djrummer has been remixing songs for years, and with his network of singers and producers, his songs have been played on charts all around the world.  

He’s DJed for the sheik of Dubai, Pharrell, Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves, Reba McEntire, Audi, Choice Hotels and Nashville’s Swan Ball. 

In a world based around cell phone and television screens, live music performance has adapted the use of visuals.  Screens, Lasers, and lights... and although it’s very impressive - there has yet to be a performer than can use those production elements to heighten a performance, a fully interactive, immersive performance playing live music, live instruments, lights and video.  Audiences will have more to watch than just screens!